Photo Caption Contest: The Finalists


Lots of good captions to the above photo last week. The best:

  • Larry King returning to an older hair style, from a time when he was known as Count Dracula.

  • “The Second Coming of Einstein”

  • “L.K. phone home.”

  • “Never again will I make love to all my ex-wives at the same time”

  • “some photos don’t need a caption”

  • “I won’t be outdone by Phil Specter – let’s see him top this!”

  • “This is bound to make me hipper than Anderson!”

  • “No one, least of all Carrot Top thought Larry King’s impression was very funny.”

  • “Halloween came early to Washington this year.”

  • “‘And this didn’t even cost $400,’ King said.”

  • “Larry King Lord of the Sith”

  • trick or treat

  • “Larry King blows his cool!”