Photo Caption Contest: The Finalists


Your captions (the less-than-really-mean ones):

  • After readership dropped for the third straight month The Washington Post found use for their newspapers afterall.

  • who farted?

  • I work at the Washington Post and all i get is this piece of sh*t!

  • Smell my finger…

  • WOW! these democrats really do stink!

  • Friggin’ hippies.

  • “This town has gone to S*&T!!”

  • Archaeologists have uncovered Lincoln’s stool.

  • This stuff is even dirtier than the politics I normally cover.

  • If all else fails, but a mask on to try and get some laughs.

  • Yeah, this is what I have to wear when I write. I sicken myself.

  • Sorry, I just let one rip.