Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Gets Remixed for London Design Week Exhibition


Late last year and just in time for the holidays, Philippe Starck decided to create a miniature version of his famous Louis Ghost chair for Kartell, the original itself being a funny, plasticized take on the stuffy furniture of the rich. Now the chair is going under another set of revisions, but this time operating outside of Starck and Kartell, as the retail shop Lifestylebazaar prepares for a charity auction/exhibition to run during London Design Week in September called “Losing the Plot,” which will find eight designers and artists trying their hand at remixing Starck’s original. What’s more, a ninth chair will be created in the store and will involve foodstuffs:

The eighth chair will be customised in-store on the theme of ‘Marie Antoinette: Let Them Eat Cake’. The chair will be transformed with colourful cakes, sweets and meringues and will be photographed by Rosie Day, a talented photographer studying at Camberwell College. The photograph will form part of the exhibition and the chair itself will be presented during the evening reception for guests to snack on!