Philippe Starck Wants to Save the World, Packs His Toothbrush and Pencils


Philippe Starck is out there saying things again. Trying to get everyone riled up once more, following his “my design work has been unnecessary” comments in a recent interview, he recently spoke to the AFP, but now with a more focused, design-can-save-the-world point to hammer home. And personally, we think it’s a lot more effective. Although he talks in his familiar abstract ways, he gets a little more into his plans for being just the right guy for saving the planet and why it’s important for him to cast off his usual design gigs and get into important stuff. Here’s a bit:

“There is too much matter everywhere today, and the more matter there is the less human things are. We must work to reduce things, to metamorphose.”

So Starck plans this month to launch a super-market issue wind turbine, a hand-held 300-400 euro windmill, the first of a series in different sizes that will be so neat they will be “nearly invisible, zero noise, zero vision.”

Next on the drawing-board are transparent solar panels, a solar-and-hydrogen boat specially for use in Venice, not to mention a mega-sized yacht shaped not to make waves and worth a cool 200 million dollars.

You know we love you, Philippe, for both your wackiness and what you’ve made in your career, “unnecessary” or otherwise, but when you say you’re all about conservation and “too much matter everywhere” and then you’re back to talking about this gigantic yacht? All the other stuff is great, but a yacht?! We really don’t think, no matter how earth friendly this behemoth of the seas is going to be, what member of any type of “green” movement is every going to even think, “You know what would really help the earth out? A bunch of big ol’ yachts.”