Philippe Starck Has Now Designed Everything, Including Kitchen Sink

Starck K duravit.jpgFinally, a sink worthy of rinsing the years of dust from your Juicy Salif citrus-squeezer! That’s right, Philippe Starck has designed his first kitchen sink—the “Starck K“—for Duravit, the 192-year-old bathroom products company that has collaborated with Starck since 1994. As with every kitchen sink we’ve ever seen, the Starck K boasts abundant right angles, “creating a sleek, simple rectangle with an all-around rim.” Inside that rectangle is a deep sink cleverly connected to a recessed draining area and/or basin to prevent overflow, and the whole thing perfectly accommodates Starck-designed cutting boards and trays. An overhead shot suggests a life spent selecting superior produce and cheerfully preparing elaborate salads. The Starck K is available in various sizes and a selection of colors: white, anthracite, chestnut brown, or pergamon—which is Duravitspeak for a beige hue that smacks of ancient Greece.