Philippe Starck Goes to a Big Lots to Survey for Cheap, Workable Design Ideas

We’re wondering, two years from now, if things still are in the putrid economic sinkhole they’re in now, if we’ll still be finding our new found poverty so compelling. With good reason, it seems like all we’ve been reading, hearing, and seeing lately has been information about learning how to live with less. It’s been tedious at times, surely, but at least there have been some fun-despite-it-all examples out there. Case in point, the LA Times took everyone’s favorite eccentric madman designer, Philippe Starck, out to a Big Lots discount store, along with his wife and daughter, to see what he could dig up and make out of overstock items and factory seconds. Turns out, Starck discovers that there isn’t such a strong focus on design at Big Lots, but he thinks that might be just the thing we need right now, to push our creativity in order to make something good under less than perfect circumstances. Elsewhere, the paper also sent out Brooke Hodge, curator of LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art, to another discount retailer, Tuesday Morning, on a similar hunt for good finds on the cheap (something her museum could probably benefit from a lot more right now than Starck could).