Clinton Rep Apologizes for ‘F**k Off’ Remark

Today in We Saw This Coming News: Hillary Clinton spokesperson/angry young man Philippe Reines issued an apology to Buzzfeed’s Michael Hastings for including “f**k off” (and other colorful colloquialisms) in a testy email exchange last week.

Speaking to Politico, Reines confirmed that he sent an apology to Hastings two days after the incident, noting that “No matter how strongly you feel about something, there’s a way to make a point,” and cursing the offending reporter out is not it.

Neither party behaved admirably in this story, but we feel safe saying that Reines really should have known better, and we hope Hillary gave him a stern talking-to. (We do know she has the power to do that, because she famously doesn’t take crap from anyone.)

Has the damage been controlled? That’s hard to say.

Many who had never heard of Philippe Reines before last week now have very negative impressions of him. The administration continues to receive predictable flack from opponents and their media outlets about its handling of the Benghazi incident, so Reines didn’t do much to head off that narrative either.

In fact, we have to wonder now why Clinton remains loyal to Reines– officials in this administration and others have resigned over less. While we would hate for a man to lose his job over a few misplaced curse words, he did give the entire world a great example of something that public spokespeople should never do—and made Hillary Clinton look bad at the same time. Is that not the very opposite of his job description?

You know what they say about kitchens and heat…

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.