Philadelphia Daily News Celebrates Inde-pun-dence Day

In real, less historical life, this Ben Franklin impersonator works in advertising.

In the City of Brotherly Love today, there is some wordplay to be reckoned with.


That hilarious front-page tease is for columnist Helen Ubiñas’ latest, all about a local Ben Franklin impersonator. The wordplay fun continues in the article:

I know, this city is crawling with people dressed as historical figures – especially this July 4 weekend: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Rocky. (Rocky is appropriate on any holiday, so don’t even start.)

But a Ben in the hand is worth two roaming around Independence Hall, so best believe I sidled up to Philadelphia’s famous founding father.

Profile subject Robert DeVitis is but one of several Philly Bens especially busy this time of year, upholding the pioneering work of Ralph Archbod, still going at age 73 and born on the same day as Franklin.
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