Phil Spector Trial Takes Off /Dateline Producer Still on the Jury


NBC Dateline producer Adam Gorfain has a front row seat for the legal shenanigans expected today when Phil Spector’s trial really gets going. But Gorfain’s not working the story, he’s a member of the jury, according to Eric Longabardi of ERSNews. Gorfain even admitted on his questionnaire that he’d been investigating the case and reading court documents for several months.

Longabardi didn’t get any comment from NBC. Gorfain’s done a number of stories involving DNA evidence, but more relevantly, he produced a jailhouse interview with a woman convicted in the Texas Cadet murder case.

FBLA thinks this is already sounding too much like the Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson trials. Where do the D.A.s go when they think? (Of course, defense lawyer Bruce Cutler already called one male DA “girly”.)

One juror admitted to seeing Spector around and about in Alhambra, and noting that Spector “dresses eccentrically.” Ya think? Even in Southern California, a wizened elf in black leather, an Afro and 3 inch heels stands out in the line at Bristol Farms.

Peter Hong of the LA Times is blogging the trial.

Geoff Boucher finds out that most of the jurors don’t have a big vinyl collection. LAT fave legal expert Laurie Levenson makes an appearance in the piece, with a duh! quote about celebrities and ordinary people.