Pharrell Guest Edits 280-Page Complex

Were you wondering if the demise of Cargo would benefit Complex? Judging by the magazine’s August/September issue, it did. A chunk of the 280-page issue — Complex‘s biggest ever — is guest-edited by cover subject Pharrell Williams, which allows the venerable producer to profile his style and design influences, like Leonardo da Vinci:

He’s a multilayered individual, and there’s always more than meets the eye with him. Yeah, he was an architect, anatomist, scultor, engineer, inventor, geometrician, musician, painter, and all that great shit, and you get excited about famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper when you first get into him. But beyond all that … he left a lot of hidden messages. All of his work is so metaphorical … I want people to hear my songs and love them, and I then I want them to ask questions, and it has to be multilayered in order to do that. So I started doing that a long time ago, always having hidden messages. It causes you to go in, and put the words together and really figure it out, and then you go, ‘Oh shit, that’s deep.’


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