iPhone App Doesn’t Like my iPhone and iPod touch

I’ve never used to find a new pet to adopt. But, it seems like a useful site to use if I were looking for a pet. They provide a free iPhone app that lets you search for a pet to adopt right from your iPhone… Mobile Application 1.01

I installed it and tried it out. Unfortunately, it did not work on either my iPod touch or iPhone. The app complained that neither device had an Internet connection even though both did. I even walked outside to get to a spot where AT&T could provide a 3G signal and turned off WiFi on the iPhone in case the app simply didn’t like WiFi. The app doesn’t want to work at all without an “Internet connection” as you can see in the error message above. So, I was unable to test it.

However, it has 1538 ratings (3.5 stars out of a possible 5). So, my experience must be an odd edge case. If anyone has an idea of a fix or workaround, please let me know.