Peter Zumthor Next In Line to Design the Serpentine Pavilion

Last year’s Pritzker Prize winner is next year’s Serpentine Pavilion designer. Although the current temporary structure, Jean Nouvel‘s big batch of redness, is still open for business until this Sunday, organizers have already named Peter Zumthor as next year’s architect for the popular annual project in London’s Hyde Park. The Architects Journal landed the scoop, with perhaps the first sneak peek at what he will cook up, saying that he had proposed “a big concrete block with a garden in it.” Additionally, Building Design has speculated that “Arup will provide engineering support and developer Stanhope will also help to deliver the scheme.” Though with the Pavilion usually opening sometime in early to mid-July, it’s anyone’s guess as to how the thing will turn out. Though traditionally, the designer had been announced in February and March, with renderings released around April, so with news this early of the selection, who knows what the schedule will be.

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