Pet Society Vacation for iPhone: A Dissenting Opinion

Electronic Arts’ new free iPhone game app has a remarkable 4.5 star average customer rating (based on 32 ratings) in the iTunes App Store.

Pet Society Vacation

I, however, am going to cast a dissenting opinion on this virtual shopping game with a Facebook tie-in. The game’s scenario is that you, the pet owner, are on vacation on a tropical island and leave your pet to his/her own vacation in the same area. The pet goes shopping for clothing, accessories and furniture. There are items related to Facebook activity like cell phones and mayor statues. Given, its Facebook-centricity, it is not surprising that you need a Facebook account. However, since I would guess that this game appeals to pre-teens, how does Facebook’s mininum age of 13 affect the target audience?

Then, there’s the overall slowness of the game’s response. It starts with waiting for a 12 megabyte download as soon as you try to start the game. What is it that is being downloaded? This is not clarified.

And, get used to seeing that dog on a little island splash screen you see above. You will see it again and again while you wait for the app to do? Well, I’m not sure what it is does. But, it does it often and interrupts the flow of the game. You can see another version of this delay messasge below.

Again, the app has excellent ratings in the App Store. So, my take on it is a minority opinion. But, my take is, I uninstalled it from the iPhone after seeing that annoying splash screen again and again.