Personalized Repacking for Gigantic Markets

If you read UnBeige with any regularity, you’ve probably caught that we dig the first of every month due to two reasons: first, it means our next issue of Beekeeper’s Monthly should be arriving any day. Second, it signals the coming of a new Trend Briefing from Trend Watching. For August, it’s a doozie. Entitled, “Forever Trends,” it’s all about niche markets that aren’t really niche markets at all, being as how nearly everyone knows everything about them, but are still pushed as such. Those mysterious demographics? Women, gay people and baby boomers. If you’ve never heard of those types of people, don’t worry, we’re a little shaky on one or two ourselves. The general idea behind the epic three part essay is basically how to take your existing product and just make it womanly, more gay, or tell aging-but-still-very-hip people that it’ll make them seem hip, despite all that nasty aging business. It’s the perfect read if you’ve ever seen things like, say a car, and you though, “You know, as a woman, I’d buy that car if it were pink.” or “I’d like to get a Visa card, but it would definitely need to be a gay Visa card.” It’s a grand tour of semi-pointless repackaging that works.