Perino Plays With Les Kinsolving

From Friday’s briefing (related: Lester Kinsolving):

    MS. PERINO: The President believes that President Musharraf is working very hard in order to keep terror from leaving Pakistan and in order to defeat the enemy who is living within Pakistan, as well.

    I see Jim looking at his Blackberry — that can’t be good. (Laughter.)

    Q Two questions from the Blackberry.

    MS. PERINO: Two questions on the Blackberry? Well, Les isn’t here, so I guess you can have two. (Laughter.)

    Q Now, is that necessary? (Laughter.)

    MS. PERINO: Well, I looked out and he wasn’t here.

    Q Are they going to be that good?

    Q Okay, this one is for the network.

    MS. PERINO: From WorldNet Daily? (Laughter.)

    Q I can’t imagine they’d have somebody they’d want asking questions less than they’d want me asking questions for the WorldNet Daily.