Per New Survey, Employers Say Job Hopping Has Lost Its Stigma

successIf you’ve been in a job for only six months and feel like you need to stick it out until at least two years or more, listen up.

According to a new survey conducted by CareerBuilder, staying employed on a job for a short period of time isn’t necessarily game over from an employer’s perspective.

Per the survey, more than half of employers indicated they have hired a job hopper and almost one-third of all employers actually expect workers to hop around. 

For survey participants who were 35-years-old and under, 25 percent of them have held five or more jobs. For employees over than 55, 20 percent have had 10 or more jobs. Interestingly enough, employers are more accepting of job hoppers than they have been in the past but their expectations vary by age: 41 percent of employers said job hopping is less acceptable when a worker reaches his or her mid-thirties and 28 percent said it was less acceptable after 40.

According to the press release, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of Human Resources at CareerBuilder, explained: “More workers are pursuing opportunities with various companies to expose themselves to a wider range of experiences, build their skill sets, or take a step up the ladder in pay or title.”

She added, “While building up a wealth of experience is a good thing, make sure that you’re staying with a company long enough to make an impact and provide a return on the investment they’ve made in you. Employers may be more understanding of job hopping today, but most employers are still more likely to hire the candidate who has a pattern of longer tenure with organizations.”