People, people who love Teen People

…are people who are apparently not just like Us: Us Weekly executive editor Lori Majewski has stepped down to take on the mantle of managing editor at Teen People. According to her departure email, Teen People has always held a very special place in her heart, especially since it won an Ellie during her tenure, thankyouverymuch. Though she wasn’t a fan of the non-veggie food and dawdling town cars, she praises the fun times with her co-workers, paraphrasing Bruce Springsteen from “Glory Days” (fortunately it wasn’t from “Born To Run”: “It’s a town full of losers, I’m pulling out of here to win!” That would have been awk-ward).

According to our double-super-secret-alike-thinking sources at Gawker,Majewski won’t really be missed: “She took credit for everything and responsibility for nothing” (ouch!); but, according to our OWN anonymous source at Us Weekly, Majewski is a professional through and through, and the Gawker critic is merely crushing sour grapes. “She’s a tough editor – and she expects the best from her employees, and it rubbed some peole the wrong way because she doesn’t just let you phone it in,” says our source, who read the quote from her trash-talking co-worker and was pissed. “At a weekly when you’re under a deadline its easy to just bang it out and it’ll be good enough – but she doesn’t want it to be good enough, she wants it to be the best it can be. Some people get pissy about it because they want to go home and whatnot.”

But otherwise, says our staffer, Majewski was a great boss: “If you did a good job on a story or got an exclusive, she always sent an email saying ‘great job.'” She’d also “fight for her staff” – to get a promotion, an office, or do a story. “She’s never been anything but compeltely supportive of her staff. She fights for her people.” (NB our source is not Lori Majewski).

We don’t work at Us Weekly so we can’t say whose version of the truth prevails in the world of double-secret blog sources. What we can say is this: people who love people are the luckiest people in the world.