People Magazine Wants You to Forget

The normalization of Trump has already begun.

donald-trump-cover-2000People magazine’s latest issue features Donald Trump’s “life, family and astonishing journey to the White House.” It’s a nice cover. It’s a nice puff piece. As long as you do what People hopes, and forget.

Forget that Trump called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals.”

Forget that Trump sexually assaulted a People reporter and then said he couldn’t have because she wasn’t attractive enough.

Forget that Trump bragged about sexually assaulting (other) women.

Forget that Trump mocked a physically disabled person.

Forget that Trump wants to ban an entire religion from the country.

Forget that Trump criticized John McCain for being a POW.

Forget that Trump started the racist birtherism movement.

Forget that Trump lied about opposing the Iraq war.

Forget that Trump said he’d like to date his own daughter.

Forge that Trump suggested Russia should interfere with the election.

Forget that Trump’s company was sued twice by the Justice Department for discriminating against black tenants.