People Editor Responds to Trump Issue Criticism

Some "are thrilled" by Trump.

donald-trump-cover-2000People and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle has responded to the criticism of People’s horrible Donald Trump issue. His excuse for attempting to normalize a racist sociopath? Some readers like racist sociopaths!

“I assure you that the cover on the president-elect is in no way a celebration or endorsement of this deeply polarizing figure,” wrote Cagle, in a memo obtained by Politico. “And we continue to stand steadfastly by Natasha [the People reporter who said Trump sexually assaulted her]. …Some readers are sickened to see Trump on the cover. Others are thrilled by it. In any case, it seemed wrong to put anyone other than the president-elect on the cover this week. He was elected president. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen.”

The worst part about Cagle’s excuse is that he’s absolutely right. A large portion of our country supports Trump and his horrendous, scary, dangerous views.

America is terrible; People was merely reflecting that.