Penthouse Reduces Print Frequency, Hires Editor

It lives.

003a426c_mediumThe “Penthouse in print is dead… Wait, no it’s not, wait, yes it is!” story is officially over.

The New York Post reports that Penthouse will continue on in print, albeit down from 11 issues per year to 10. Penthouse Letters will also reduce its frequency, from 13 issues per year to 10.

“We have a long-term commitment to this magazine,” Penthouse Entertainment’s managing director Kelly Holland told the Post. “We can make it profitable.” One way to ensure that happens? Outsourcing. “Most of the production work is being outsourced to our Australian partner, who can do the work at 20 percent of the cost of doing it in the United States,” said Holland.

Guiding the new Penthouse is Raphie Aronowitz, who has been named editor. He previously worked for Complex and Marc Ecko.