Penthouse Magazine Is Going Digital [Corrected]

No more nude pics in Playboy; the Mansion is for sale; and now...

PenthouseNovember2015CoverThere are two ways to dive into today’s development, which includes the shuttering of the magazine’s New York offices.

One is to read the account of the reporter first to the news – CNBC’s Chris Morris. The other is to enjoy this brief imagined letter to one of the magazine’s most famous front-of-book features, courtesy of FishbowlNY:

Dear Penthouse:

You are not going to believe this. But it actually happened to me recently, right here in Manhattan.

I was in this very satisfying relationship with an all-around great woman, who I will call Print. We only saw each other once a month, but she always delivered.

Then this crazy friend of hers, who goes by the moniker Digital, all-of-a-sudden moves in as a roommate and keeps wanting to have a threesome. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m as up as the next guy for some bedroom antics.

But this girl was flat out crazy. Coming at me and Print like a juggernaut, she diminished the quality of our thing and ultimately led my gal to just up and leave. Without warning. Beware of any woman named Digital.

Name Withheld

Penthouse was purchased by FriendFinder Networks in 2004. As part of the shift, the company is consolidating all operations into the adult magazine’s L.A. offices.

Correction (Jan. 20):
In the wake of the CNBC report, our pick-up and many more after the holiday weekend, Penthouse Entertainment managing director Kelly Holland is clarifying that the magazine will in fact continue, for now, to have a print component. Read the USA Today item to that effect here.