Pellicano’s grimace = Ovitz’ malice?

A fascinating look at the relationship of universal capo Ron Meyer and disgraced PI Anthony Pellicano today from New York Times reporters David Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner.

Once again, they’re into those confidential FBI memos: “Mr. Pellicano said things and made facial expressions that led Mr. Meyer ‘to conclude that Ovitz was somehow connected to Pellicano’s legal problems,’ the F.B.I. wrote.”

That explosive charge is rejected by Ovitz’s camp with such dexterity and force, we almost spat out our chai latte. After the suggestion that a jailhouse chat between Meyer and Pellicano revealed an untoward relationship between Ovitz and Pellicano, Ovitz attorney James Ellis had this to say:

“Apprised of this jailhouse encounter, Mr. Ellis, the Ovitz lawyer, said: “You’ve got to be kidding. Mr. Pellicano’s legal woes appear to involve the unlawful possession of powerful explosives and the alleged wiretapping of dozens of individuals over several years, never once directed by or known to Mr. Ovitz. No facial expressions or hand gestures could possibly change that.”

Actually, we rather suspect Ovitz is probably making a hand gesture in the direction of the Times even as you read this.