Peek: The Calendar App for Minimalists

Peek-screenahotPhone3The sleek new iOS calendar app Peek released this week wants to be the everyman’s calendar. Peek pulls existing iPhone events into its calendar, which is marked by its minimalist interface. Users can simply tap and hold on a day to add an appointment.

The minimalism is intentional. It is designed to reduce the clutter of other calendar apps and to give users a quick look at upcoming appointments with the bonus of fun design features such as a shaking the phone to elicit a reminder.

The San Francisco-based Square Mountains, creators of Peek, are adamant that the iPhone app is not for “power users,” but rather an everyday, simple calendar for the casual user.

Peek is designed to add a human touch to the calendar experience. It provides users with the necessary information in an easy to understand manner without being overwhelming…Peek is not designed to be another smart calendar suitable only for power users. It is made to address the needs of a bigger group of people that simply need to manage time on the go,without being overloaded by unnecessary information and features.

The app is available for $1.99 for iPhone users. Peek said it expects to create versions for Android and the iPad in the “coming months.”