Peek Over A Shoulder to Listen to Roger Black


Interesting report from the field over at Michael SurteesDesignNotes site. Surtees recently attended a lecture by industry icon and all-around great guy, Roger Black, over at Frog and put together by AIGA. From the post, we learn that Black wound up talking some about the web and the ongoing conversation a designer has to have with his or her audience therein to really make things work. He also got into talking about his own work and how he did things for clients like Rolling Stone and Newsweek. But our favorite part of Michael’s great quick report are the snippets he included from his notes:

Here’s some of my notes from the talk:

“People don’t remember the bad layouts, people back then tried things – they took risks”

“Playing against the expectation”

“Weight, stage and push forward”

“Web = blurry”

“Narrative design; YouTube vs. documnetry, Iraq vs. Vietnam”

“Web 2.0 – open it up”