Pebble Smart Watch Gets Its First App

This hot new gadget isn’t due to ship until the fall but it looks like the Pebble Smart Watch is as popular with developers as it is with the buying public.

Mashable is reporting that the fitness-tracking app RunKeeper will be the first work with the Pebble. The app is going to integrate Pebble as a secondary display and show important info like a runner’s progress dashboard. RunKeeper hasn’t announced exactly what info would be pushed to Pebble’s E-ink screen,  but it’s bound to be useful.

For those who missed all the press coverage, the Pebble is a Bluetooth enabled smart watch that is designed to work with other mobile devices like smartphones. Apps need to be customized so they work with the watch. The apps will run on your smartphone, not the Pebble itself.

All in all it’s a neat little gadget, and that’s why it raised over 8 million  dollars on Kickstarter last month.