Peanut Labs Cherry Deals Discounts Now Available On Meez Nation, IGG and Zeevex

Peanut Labs announced today that Meez, IGG and Zeevex will be using their monetization platform moving forward. The deal includes use of Peanut Labs recent Cherry Deals Discount release (which we covered here), which allows users to gain virtual currency by participating in daily deals at a minimum 50% discount from local retailers. Meez Nation is a popular social MMO, IGG is a popular MMO company with a host of games and Zeevex has a virtual currency that spans across games. Peanut Labs’ goals will be to improve the purchase rate by customers using the various services.

Peanut Labs is hopeful that Cherry Deals will help these companies more than the CPA offers that they utilize. According to Peanut Labs, CPA’s margins are typically ~3-8% and Cherry Deals will be able to beat this because of their sales force in every major metropolitan area. This has yet to be seen, but certainly the idea has been generating a lot of buzz.

The margins are way higher than CPA offers. CPA offers usually are run through ad networks, with industrywide margins of ~3 – 8%. In contrast, Peanut directly negotiates Cherry Deals (they have a sales force in every major metropolitan area), so the numbers are better. Also, it’s sticky (new deal every day!), and highly viral (users can share deals through the Cherry Deals Facebook app).

Meez will be using the monetization platform to distribute their “Coinz” virtual currency, which is used to buy premium virtual goods on their site. This expands their current offering: “Coinz can be purchased using any major credit card or PayPal. You can also purchase Coinz by mail or with your mobile phone!”. IGG will deliver MMO credits to each of their games. Zeevex is interesting in that their “Zeevex Xtreme Game Card”, sold at 24,000 retailers, gives the currency a cachet of being a ‘real-world’ commodity to game players. This enhances the value of the Cherry Deals discounts, as it gives players the real tangible feeling of earning currency that would otherwise cost them a game card.