Peace in our time: WGAs east and west end dispute

wgal.jpgNew Writers Guild of America West and East presidents Patric Verrone and Chris Albers, respectively, have brokered an agreement resolving all of the disputes between the two guilds. Finally, bespectacled, poorly-hygiened writers can embrace their equally scruffy brothers and sisters on the other coast in a show of schlubby unity. From Variety:

Key points of the deal call for expedited arbitration on disagreements and for the East to provide annual payments to the West to cover work it provides to members. The first payment is estimated at nearly $500,000.

Both leaders had promised during their campaigns to seek a way to end the fight, which had escalated last spring with the Eastern branch suing the WGA West for refusing to engage in mediation, triggering a countersuit by WGAW to force arbitration.

“You asked us to work together to focus on improving conditions for writers and we heard you,” the duo wrote. “The settlement leaves both of our unions strong and healthy. Finally we can show management what two such unions can do when they join together and fight with one voice.”

Anyway, it’s a joyous day. Party tonite at 3rd and Fairfax!