PBS NewsHour Gets a Makeover

Unveils new set, graphics and music.

(Photo credit: Ariel Min)

They’ve given us the news with class and professionalism, now they’re doin’ it in style.

On Monday’s broadcast of PBS NewsHour, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff will debut the program’s new look — with a flashy new set, some new graphics and music — as they look to take on other networks in the aesthetics game.

“We have made many changes and updates to our broadcast and digital presence this year while remaining committed to credible and independent reporting and in depth, thoughtful analysis,” said PBS NewsHour svp and executive producer Sara Just in a press release. “With this beautiful new set, modern graphics, and theme music, we will be able to grow even more and signal to our audience that this is indeed a new chapter in the NewsHour’s distinguished history.”

(Photo credit: Eric Siegel)

And who was the architect of this resign? NewsHour turned to 11-time Emmy Award winner, veteran television director, art director and production designer, Eric Siegel to lead the “creative direction and implementation” of the makeover.

“It was my belief that PBS NewsHour and its viewers deserved a look, a sound, and a space that were as bright, as strong, and with as much depth as their unmatched editorial content,” said Siegel. “The journalism of the program always comes first. In my experience, no matter how handsome the redesign may be, the set must foremost provide the broadcast with more and better and more flexible tools specifically designed to serve its editorial needs.”

For more on the redesign, check out NewsHour’s website.