PBS Bloggers Remote and Un-Connected


PBS cautiously enters the humor sweepstakes with bloggers commenting on programs they’ve watched–the Remotely Connected column. A Santa Barbara blogger, Eden Marriott Kennedy, and LA’s own Mark Frauenfelder, are among the participants. From the website:

We’ve invited a small, diverse group of bloggers to present their perspectives on major PBS programs airing in October and November, in an open forum. With Remotely Connected, we’re offering a venue for bloggers to initiate conversations and generate dialog.

Are the people at PBS incapable of writing lively copy? Bloggers already have a “venue”, you clueless clots. Who in Jove’s green hell “generates dialog”? Could they make it sound more boring, as a favor to us?

And how diverse is this little crew? Not very, but then that’s PBS. But don’t let that stop you from watching Helen Mirren.