PBD Makes Its Mother Proud


Okay, to be honest, all we’re doing here is handing you over a glowing review of a company that we learned all about because we found this press release telling us that they just won five American Graphic Design Awards. We were skeptical, sure, but happy for them, and that’s a handful of a good award, so we thought we’d check them out. Lo and behold, Philippe Beck Design is pretty cool. You’ll be extra familiar with them if you’re a drunk lefty (which of course you are because you look at sites like UnBeige), because they’re the folk who came up with a ton of the design you see at Whole Foods, as well as for all kinds of delicious-sounding wines. They’ve also done quite a bunch of packaging for T-Mobile, which is what they won one of these awards for. So take a look at them, send them a note of congrats, and tell them you appreciate their hard work by drinking, blabbing on your cell phone, and eating vegan foods that taste like baked dirt.