LiveJournal User Group Members Allege Paychecks Are Bouncing At Borders

This morning I posted about a user group over on LiveJournal that has become an adhoc community of Borders employees. I’ve been following it in my RSS feeds, and just a few minutes ago I read comments from users that their paychecks are bouncing. UPDATE: At this link, one anonymous member details how the company is reportedly dealing with the problem.

This should not be happening. Isn’t payroll supposed to be the one thing guaranteed to be paid during a bankruptcy? After all, a business can’t close down if the staff walks out the first day. It’s also hard to pay off creditors if the staff steal everything worth selling.

Do you think Borders is really that short of funds, or do you think this was an error?

Update: There are a couple tweets on Twitter with more reports of bounced checks (here, here). Both were posted yesterday.

via LiveJournal