Pay Gap Widens: CEOs Earn How Much More Than Employees?!

moneyIf you’re not sitting down right now you may want to take a seat.

Sure, we pretty much knew CEOs earn top dollar on their jobs but per new data, it’s a fact. They make a lot more than their employees to the tune of 331 times!

According to the AFL-CIO Executive Paywatch project, last year the average CEO earned 331 times more than their average employee. Stunning.

The AFL-CIO ended up providing Business Insider with statistics related to the past 31 years of CEO salaries. Per historical data, during the past 30 years the gap has significantly widened. Need proof? In 1983, the typical CEO earned 46 times their average worker.

But wait, it gets better. In the 90s, CEOs earned as much as 455 times the average employee! As the tech boom cooled off, the ratio dropped a little bit. The past few years it started rising yet again.

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