Pay Gap Narrows for Female Editors

This just in…every year Folio releases an annual report on magazine salaries and although there’s certainly a gap between female and male editors, there is a bright side.

In one category specifically women are not only narrowing the gap, they’re kicking it to the curb altogether. As per the data, in 2008 the average salary for men with a title of editor or executive editor was $75,500.

As for women, the average salary in the same, let’s repeat it together now — the same, was $56,400.

The good news is last year that gap not only closed, women surpassed men! The average for men was $84,200 whereas women took home base compensation of $85,700.

That’s not all, salaries for women increased at a larger rate compared to men. A piece published by Slate commented, “Even if that bump is attributable to a few women taking on high-paying editing jobs at the top of the income spectrum, rather than to across-the-board gains, that’s still a sign that women are moving up the ladder to positions where they have more control as well as more money.”

We shouldn’t celebrate too much though. So, although there is indeed some good news, there is still more work to be done.

Gaps still exist and shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance, women with the title of managing or senior editor earned $58,200 on average last year compared to men who earned $63,600.

Unfortunately the gap widens as we go up the corporate ladder. The average female editor-in-chief or editorial director earned $85,100 last year compared to men raking in $100,800.