Pay $50 for 200GB of the New Any File Type Google Docs Storage & Get a Free 4GB Eye-Fi SD Card

By now you’ve probably learned about Google’s move to allow any type of file to be stored in Google Docs. The catch is that storage for non-Doc type files is limited to 1GB. However, you by more space for an annual fee. Here’s the mobile angle to this story: If you purchase any additional storage plan that costs $50 or more per year, you can get a free 4GB Eye-Fi card. The Eye-Fi is an SD flash storage card (the kind most digital cameras use) that has built-in WiFi to let you send your pictures directly from your camera to your computer (or a supported web service). It eliminates the need to remove the SD card from the camera to retrieve your photos.

Google Accounts Purchase additional storage

$50 per year buys you 200GB of Google cloud storage (useable by Gmail, Picassa Web Albums, and Google Docs). There are also 400GB and 1TB plans that let you get a free Eye-Fi card too.

The Eye-Fi 4GB (not the newer Pro version) has a retail price of $79.99. So, Google’s $50 plan for 200GB of cloud storage looks like a pretty good deal.