Pauly D. Close to Becoming People's Sexiest Man Alive

People Magazine has launched a new application to discover the most attractive guy on Facebook.

Move over Sean Connery (overly hirsute), Richard Gere (gerbils), Brad Pitt (“Meet Joe Black”), and Johnny Depp (I got nothing): Pauly D may soon join your ranks as People Magazine’s next Sexiest Man Alive*. The popular celebrity and human-interest magazine, famous for its annual Sexiest Man Alive verdicts, has introduced a Facebook version of the contest. This time, the magazine’s Facebook fans get to vote for the winner, who won’t replace the cover guy but who will be featured in the 25th Anniversary Sexiest Man Alive issue, due out Friday, November 19.

The choices are Pauly D, of Jersey Shore fame; Chad Ochocinco, of the Cincinnati Bengals; Vin Diesel, actor; Enrique Iglesias, singer; and Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice Guy. Pauly D and Vin Diesel are currently neck-and-neck, each sitting with 24% of the votes.

If you want to vote, you have to become a Facebook fan of and make your choice by next Wednesday, November 10. Vote as many times as you like by refreshing the Sexiest Man Alive tab. When you vote, it’ll try to post the news on your wall and the walls of your friends. If you’re worried about ridicule from friends, maybe you should have thought about that before voting for Facebook’s Sexiest Man Alive. You have only yourself to blame.

I shamelessly signed up and voted for Pauly D, in the interest of journalistic integrity. Here’s my screen grab, as of ten minutes ago. Who’d you vote for?

*On Facebook