Paul Haggis Still Unclear About Possible Scientology Split Fallout

Proud Canadian Paul Haggis returned to his native Ontario this week to teach a master class at Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Center. As the newly named chairman of the institute’s film programs, Haggis will be following up his Monday November 7 session with at least one similar event every year.

Haggis, who is now based in New York, fielded a number of questions from the Canadian media about his recent very public split from the Church of Scientology. Specifically, reporters for wire service The Canadian Press and others wondered if his most recent rebuke of the Cruise-Travolta altar had caused any Hollywood fallout. Answered Haggis:

“It’s impossible to tell, isn’t it?” he said. “Everything is a struggle in this business so getting your film financed, getting the next project going is always a struggle. No one’s going to ride up and say, ‘Listen I didn’t like what you wrote, or I didn’t like what you said and therefore I’m not going to do blankity blank.’ But I’m not worried. There’s a lot of people who have spoken out about different things in this world and they do just fine.”

Haggis did confirm hearing about defections that were directly inspired by his decision to leave the Church. He also told CP that his next project, Third Person, is an adult drama “about three relationships that are intertwined in a very odd way.” Sounds very Crash-like.

[Photo courtesy Canadian Film Center]