Paul Conrad, Drawing Praise from Tom Brokaw and PBS

conradbyconrad.jpgIf newspapers don’t die, it will be due, in part, to political cartoons. Almost nothing else is as relevant in a paper anymore — and clearly nothing is as inflammatory/thought-provoking in public discourse.

PBS on Nov. 7 will celebrate one political cartoonist, LAT funny guy Paul Conrad.

According to a press release:

Over his remarkable 50-year career, he’s drawn and quartered eleven American presidents (from Harry S. Truman to George W. Bush), and fearlessly tackled every major social and political issue the nation has confronted. An extraordinary artist and Pulitzer Prize-winning
journalist, who spent most of his career at The Los Angeles Times, Conrad epitomizes the fiercely independent voice that has been vanishing from American news media in recent years. Featuring over 200 of Conrad’s cartoons, the film is narrated by Tom Brokaw.