Path of Con

images-36.jpgCanadian geek and Hollywood Reporter writer, Borys Kit declares Comic-Con the best place for Hollywood “to appeal to pop culture’s smart set.”

Art houses, anyone? The New Yorker? No? Well, OK then. Let’s head to San Diego to see what the Einsteins of X-Boxes have to say:

1. Bryan Singer confirmed he’s in talks with Warner Bros. to direct a 2009 sequel to Superman Returns.

2. The Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez upcoming collaboration Grindhouse, will be two full-length films in one package.

3. If audience reaction to raw footage is any indication, Spider-Man 3 could charge admission for its trailer and break box-office records.

4. Comic-Con is like Sundance, except with fewer assholes. “To me, Comic-Con is as important a platform as any festival,” Guillermo del Toro said.”You’ll find some of the most articulate, passionate, loyal and well-cultured and well-read people you will ever meet. And at prestigious festivals, you can find a shitload of assholes.”