Patch Editor: Sites Shifting Toward National View

According to a Patch editor, the model of “all local, all the time,” might not be working for the hyperlocal news network. The editor told Streetfight that in 3Q, The Huffington Post model of writing about whatever gets the most clicks (even if it’s not local) is going to take hold:

Now while we wait for the budgets for the new quarter it looks like it will bring more emphasis on ‘trending topics’ and tailoring content to what people Web-wide are searching for, not necessarily what is going on in our Patch. The Huffington Post influence is gently suggesting adding this content to drive UVs.

The Patch editor added that the sites have begun taking national ads, whereas before, it focused almost exclusively on local advertisers.

If this is all true, how does Patch last? Its entire brand is about local. No one is going to Patch for general interest stories, there’s already plenty of places online that do the exact same thing. Which means that those national advertisers aren’t going to get the clicks that they desire. Perhaps this editor is exaggerating a bit. But if he isn’t, Patch seems to be having quite an identity crisis.

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