Pasadena: Now With 40% More Gore

pasadena.jpgWe’re worried about our friends at 1947 project.

It’s one thing to offer “crime bus tours” tagged to movies or Halloween, but when you start plundering the suburbs for “decay, nightmares and horror,” we have to wonder: Are you grasping at straws, pimping a film or really, really twisted?

Stay tuned here to find out.

November 13, 2006

Pasadena Confidential Crime History Tour Explores the Crown City’s Dark Side

WHAT: Pasadena Confidential Crime Bus Tour, Saturday 11/25/06, 1pm-6pm. $47 cost includes snacks, beverages and five-hour luxury coach tour.

LOS ANGELES- Following on the heels of their sold-out Real Black Dahlia and Halloween Horrors Crime Bus Tours, and video features at and G4 network, the 1947project bloggers turn their jaundiced gaze to Pasadena, celebrating the litany of historic horrors concealed by the fashionable suburb’s shaded avenues.

When the tour rolls on Thanksgiving Saturday, November 25, crime fiends will enjoy a five-hour guided luxury coach tour to the darkest recesses of Pasadena history. From celebrated cases like the RFK assassination, “Eraserhead” star Jack Nance’s strange end, black magician/rocket scientist Jack Parsons’ death-by-misadventure and the 1926 Rose Parade grand stand collapse, to fascinating obscurities, the tour’s 70-plus murders, arsons, kidnappings, robberies, suicides, auto wrecks and oddball happening sites provide a alternate history of Pasadena that’s as fascinating as it is creepy.

Crime Bus passengers will tour the old Millionaire’s Row on Orange Grove, thrill to the shocking Sphinx Murder on the steps of the downtown Masonic Hall, wonder about the unknown fiend who sneaked past a little girl to poison her father’s beer, hear several strange tales from the annals of the Hotel Green, discover why people named Judd should think twice before moving to Pasadena, and explore the racist spirit of the early 20th century through two forgotten stories: that of a Chinaman with leprosy whose suicide by hanging was treated as a novel entertainment by hundreds of citizens, and the case of wealthy mulatto Archie Hill, who shot a white trolley ticket-taker dead for shortchanging him.

1947project has quickly built a reputation for the most eclectic and well researched crime history tours in the Southland, with its popular Real Black Dahlia, Halloween Horrors and Nightmares of Bunker Hill Tours, and feature stories in The Los Angeles Times, Pasadena Weekly (cover story), LA Alternative Press (cover story), G4-TV,, BBC News, Pasadena Star-News, KNX News Radio and a “best of LA” nod from Los Angeles Magazine and “best of the weekend” from LA Daily News.

Passengers on this eye-opening, funny and informative tour will forever see Pasadena in a new light. It is highly recommended for natives and newcomers alike, crime and history buffs and anyone who likes to seek out the unexpected.