Party on the Quad! Core77’s Headed Back to School


Booooo, summer’s over! Ouch. That hurt so much to say, how about another one for good measure: Booooo!

Never fear the ebbing daylight and dropping temperatures; when it comes to resuming your scholarly pursuits, Core77 has got you covered. Their Hack-2-School Guide is a voluminous cache of advice, tips, lists and tricks for the bleary-eyed student. Especially valuable is the Represent section where you can learn the proper way to promote yourself to blogs and get your stuff in stores.

But what we really love are some of the longer, more provocative essays like Sam Montague’sDon’t Hang Out With Industrial Design Students,” Jessica Helfand‘s suggestion that you do something unspeakable to your computer and grab a pen (4th item down), Alice Twemlow‘s design writing overview and Steve Portigal‘s ideas for design research that’s fun. Heck, they even let us chime in with some networking tips that we can swear to you were field-tested over the course of many, many, many, many late nights spent at hotel bars during design conferences around the globe. Just promise us you’ll steer clear of the Jager Red Bulls.