Paris Hilton Gets Last Merchandising Laugh

In keeping with the Hollywood studio lots she once frequented, Paris Hilton currently reaps the majority of her lucrative brand endorsement revenues from international markets. So much so that her manager Jamie Freed, who handles all incoming offers, tells Variety writer Kathy A. McDonald that he turns down on Hilton’s behalf anywhere from 12 to 20 entreaties. Per day.

Among recently rejected offers was a pitch for Paris Hilton branded canned beans. But there’s still plenty of merchandise to stock the shelves of the 30-year-old mogul’s stores in close to three dozen countries:

“Paris is extremely involved in all aspects from product trending to development to marketing,” says Dan Levin, managing director of the LA offices of Beanstalk, Hilton’s licensing agency. Beanstalk is owned by global giant Omnicom. “Nothing goes out there without her approval.”

In the past six years, Hilton has generated upwards of $1.3 billion in worldwide merchandise sales. There is a sunglasses line just for China, a 14th item hot off the assembly line, and a keen awareness by Hilton–according to those around her–of just how important it is to interact with fans at promotional appearances.