Parallel Universe Most Popular Mobile OS Survey Results: MeeGo Tied for #1, iPhone Near Last

Hot on the heels of Nielsen’s odd “most desired” mobile platform survey comes this poll result by of 2010’s most popular operating system. Let’s look at their survey results.

#1 (tie) 31% – Android
#1 (tie) 31% – MeeGo
#3 (tie) 15% – Symbian
#3 (tie) 15% Apple (iOS)
#5 8% – Windows Phone

That’s correct: MeeGo (the merger of Intel’s Moblin with Nokia’s Maemo Linux based systems) which is not shipping on any production system is tied for number one with Android while Apple iOS is half as popular (according the Elektrobit’s survey results) compared to MeeGo.

While these results look like they might be the result of survey in a parallel universe, I’m sure they accurately reflect the poll data collected by Elektrobit. Of course, the firm is a development firm with a prominently featured white paper download on their home page titled “MeeGo White Paper: Moving to Multimode with oFono.” So, we can safely assume that a large portion of their “readers” who participated in the poll are avid MeeGo users or developers. Hence the results.

Note: These results do not appear to be present on Elektrobit’s website. I received the results and graphic shown to the left from their PR firm,