Parade Finds Out ‘What People Earn’

In Parade magazine’s 28th annual salary survey, real people’s salaries are laid bare.

Angela Ten Clay is a 25-year-old social media manager in Des Moines, Iowa. She makes $42,000 a year.

AnnMarie Giordano, 48, is an advertising account executive earning $76,000 in Melrose, Mass.

A 27-year-old newspaper reporter makes $26,000.

Then there’s this 33-year-old real estate agent in Beverly Hills who brought in $1.6 million last year. Sigh.

Parade also tracked down people who have the same jobs as favorite TV characters. For example, a sales exec in Scranton says his office life is “remarkably similar” to the environment pictured in “The Office.” He makes $70,000 a year. And Dr. Dana Kollmann, the Towson University-based real-life equivalent to Temperance “Bones” Brennan pulls in $65,000 a year and reminds fans of the TV show that working with bones in real life isn’t necessarily the same as on TV.