NBC LA Reporter Hoping for Three-Year Papal Conclave

Our pal Robert Kovacik didn’t think he’d be back in Europe so soon after covering the 2012 Summer Olympics for NBC Southern California. But sure enough, he jetted to Rome over the weekend to keep tabs on the papal conclave.

“I don’t plan on ever coming home,” he agrees when told how much FishbowlLA envies him for being camped out in la bella Roma. “I am hoping this is a three-year conclave – like the one in 1268.”

Kovacik is one of a number of SoCal reporters on location for the big event. Others include Chip Yost (KTLA), Steve Futterman (CBS News west coast correspondent) and Cathleen Falsani (the Orange County Register’s newly hired spirituality columnist).

By the way, the Register gang are looking like geniuses this week given the fact that the conclave coincides with the launch of the paper’s new weekly Monday Faith & Values section. Falsani, who started February 26, separately told the Register that moving to Laguna Beach in 2009 from Chicago was like a tonic:

“There’s a spirit in Orange County that’s just different than a lot of other places I’ve lived, and it’s a lot different than what the rest of the country envisions it to be,” Falsani said. “There’s a deep soulfulness in this place that manifests itself in all kinds of different ways, but it’s here, whether people would describe themselves with a religious term or not. It’s just a marvelous place.”

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