Pandigital Announces a Trio of 7″ Android Tablets

Today marked the official launch of Pandigital’s 3 new Android tablets: Planet, Nova and Star. two of these tablets are on the market now, and the third will be released in the next few weeks.

The 3 tablets have a fair amount in common. All have decent specs for their price, and they all run a relatively recent version of Android (v2.2 or v2.3). They have Wifi, a webcam, microSD card slot, and a Cortex A9 CPU with a graphics chip.

But there are also some subtle differences. The Star has a narrower 7″ screen (800×480), while the other 2 have wider screens (600×800). The Planet and  Nova tablets have a second camera on the back. The Nova also has 4GB Flash storage, not 2GB.

The three Pandigital Android media tablets will be available at leading retailers across the U.S.  The Planet is currently available for $189 , the Pandigital Nova was just released this week for $189 , and the Pandigital Star should be coming in mid-August for $159.