Palin to CQ Politics: ‘You idiot reporter’


Former VP hopeful and Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin has always had a way with words. On FNC’s Sean Hannity’s radio show Thursday, she took a bat to CQ Politics about whether she pursued the chance to speak at the Reagan Day Dinner in Iowa.

We have to give it to her, she’d make a fantastic news editor. (i.e, ‘You idiot reporter. Why can’t you follow up with fact?)

She also blasts a headline saying she’s going to Iowa even though several say the same thing. On Drudge: “Look Who’s Going to Iowa!” On CQ Politics‘s Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire blog, the headline reads, “Palin Will Visit Iowa.”

The transcript:

HANNITY: And you’re gonna be speaking at their annual fall fundraiser on September 17.

PALIN: I am, and I was invited to, and I’ve been invited to for awhile — to get to Iowa for different events, and I haven’t been able to. I did see the headline on CQ Politics, and they’re way whacked, saying that I asked for an opportunity to speak in Iowa.

And to me, a headline like that and a story that went on ‘Sarah Palin pursued a speaking opportunity in Iowa to make a point’ — You idiot reporter. Why can’t you follow up with a fact like asking “Really, who did she ask?, who did she pursue”?

We’ve got so many emails from people in Iowa, asking us to get there, so it’s kind of an aside, but certainly evidence of how whacked reporters are today.

> Clarification: The exact headline Palin objected to was: “Palin Sought Iowa Speaking Event.”

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