Available Now: Pac-Man Themed Twitter App For iPhone

Finally: the Pac-Man themed Twitter app is here!

Wait… what?

That’s right: Namco Bandai have today released PAC’N TWIT, a Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod Touch that uses design elements from one of the all-time classics of video game history, Pac-Man.

How does it look? A-maze-ing.

The app also supports skins for the classic shoot ‘em up Galaga, with both the 1988 and 30th anniversary versions available.

Update your timeline and Pac-Man and other characters on the screen move around. You also get to hear some of those oh-so-nostalgic sound effects.

The Twitter app itself is pretty basic, but should have some appeal for retro gamers. Namco Bandai promises more skins in the future.

PAC’N TWIT is free and available to download now at the iTunes store.

(Hat Tip: The Guardian.)