OxBlue Adds Time-Lapse Movie Functionality to iPhone App To Help You Identify Construction Errors

OxBlue, a leader in the construction camera industry, will upgrade its iPhone/iPad application enabling its users to view high-definition, time-lapse movies of their jobsite right from their handheld device.

OxBlue is the market leader in construction camera services, with numerous Fortune 500 companies under its belt. The company provides hardware, connectivity and expertise for constant vigilance of the jobsites through high resolution construction webcam images. Bryan Mattern, Chief Technology Officer for OxBlue said in a statement:

We have several new features coming out with our OxBlue Camera Viewer version 3.0.2. The high-definition time-lapse movie feature will enable a user to check jobsite progress or track back to find out where a problem might have started. When you can see the job in motion over time, you can enhance efficiency by discovering new ways to streamline problem areas.

In OxBlue Camera Viewer version 3.0.2 HD time-lapse videos are automatically regenerated to include the latest images. Mattern stated:

This new capability delivers valuable perspective on how a project is evolving. The movies also make a great marketing and PR tool. With 1024 x 768 resolution, it’s a great way to showcase a technological edge to the project. Another outstanding addition in this release is the ability to not only check current weather conditions, but to review past conditions over the life of the job and document weather that’s responsible for causing delays.

With OxBlue iPhone/iPad application the users can view images from all the construction cameras at their jobsite right through their iPhone/iPad deveice. Users can also view all the active and completed projects through a dashboard interface. Further the users can also have access to any image from any time during the project using the calendar control.