Owen Thomas Joins VentureBeat as Executive Editor

Owen Thomas — formerly of Gawker’s Valleywag, NBC and many other outlets — is back on the tech beat. He has joined VentureBeat as its new executive editor.

Here’s what Thomas had to say in his introductory VentureBeat post:

“VentureBeat has already proven itself as a place for that kind of tough but fair reporting. The team and the audience Matt has assembled ooze more brains than a zombie slasher flick. Anthony, Camille, Dean, Kim-Mai, Paul, and the rest are already doing a great job capturing the pulse of Silicon Valley and tracking innovation around the world.”

Thomas starts at VentureBeat on April 1. He’s perhaps best known in New York media circles for his tenure at Managing Editor for Valleywag from 2007 to 2009. Most recently, he worked as NBC Digital’s editorial director. CORRECTION: As Owen himself notes in the comments, he was “the online editorial director for NBC Bay Area, part of NBC’s Local Media division.”